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»One, two tuki-tiki three, four pusi-pusi : - )
»If you wana by my fiend put my penis in your hand
»if you wanna be a sexy, you must drink a lot of pepsi :D
»If you wanna be my friend take my penis in your hand :)))
»Only God can judge me now...
»I lof you maj skol
»Don’t worry Don’t cry Smoke grass and fly
»I have dream so long i cannot dream anymore
»hip hop i lop
»if you want have a brother put your father on your mother
»Vodka Connecting People
»Nobody likes my records that i me DJ
»no woman no sex no sex no kids no kids no school no school no problem!
»««•••Whëřé ¤ Is ¤ Mý ¤ Lôvë?•••&
»..::Don't wanna close my eyes because I don't wanna miss a thing:::..
»tell me you love me,come back and hold me,
»LoVe Is LoVe TrUe Is TrUe YoU LoVe Me AnD I LoVe YoU
»I'm loving It Yeah!
»catch me if you can
»Very sadly :( When I love you, my love is not need you :(
»i'm desire that soft, moist kiss but he still far away
»Everything I do, I do it for you ;(
»You can be who you want to be
»No More Games... This Opportunity Comes Once in a Lifetime
»viva las vegas viva las vegas you!!!

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